Libidinous Variations Volume One: The Ladies in the Stairwell by J. Laux Perren

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New author J. Laux Perren offers a series of erotic stories of human sexuality in her first published work – Stories of Erotica – Volume I.  These are fictionalized short stories of real events, actual fantasies, recounted experiences and just dreams of what might be.  Perhaps, readers will find similarities.  They may recognize comparable fantasies.  Twenty-five stories, told through a personal perspective, as if the reader is in the moment, in the situation.  The reader may also experience an episode beyond, maybe well beyond, her or his comfort level.  The author urges us not to judge, only to enjoy, to discuss the ramifications with friends, and to consider the dimensions of pleasures of the flesh beyond the mechanics of procreation.  Life is too short and bountiful to be constrained by outdated morality.  Live life to the fullest.


Sexuality is an important part of life.  Our experiences, our fantasies, our erotic sensations make up our sexual essence and character.  J. Laux Perren’s compendium of short stories illuminates glimpses of those events that comprise our sexuality.  The reader will undoubtedly recognize similar experiences and fantasies.  Equally, the reader will experience something new, something quite different, and perhaps a few things to the kinky or even bizarre side of human sexuality.


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